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Some of the assiest people to ever see the light of day. Most laxfags are people who can't play baseball. Many laxfags try to act like they are "lax bros" to cover up their 0.2cm dicks. The only pussy they get is from slutty, STD-ridden lax girls who are never hot in the first place.

There are many breeds of lacrosse players. Most are just obnoxious, cocky assholes who have barely any athletic ability and need a huge 6ft stick just to catch a ball, unlike baseball or football where you can just use your hands or gloves. There are, in fact, lacrosse players who do not fit this criteria, but they are limited to a very small amount. Unlike players of any other sport, even if they are not good at the sport, they will still insist that they are cool. Most of the time, the ones who aren't complete and utter assholes are the ones who can actually play lacrosse. Usually, the worse they are, the assier they are.

In conclusion, stay away from laxfags.

Laxfag - A huge fag who tries to play lacrosse but fails miserably, but still insists that they are cool.

All laxfags are lacrosse players, but not all lacrosse players are laxfags.
Laxfag: Sup bro I'm so kickass at lacrosse that I have a 200 dollar pinny bro yo let's go pretend to get some dome and post it on

Cool laxbro: I actually do get head, and not from the fugly sluts that you fags go for. Go hang yourself.
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viết bởi Dr. Dicktits 25 Tháng chín, 2011
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