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Lick-the-Strip is a drinking game built upon the founding principles of truth-or-dare. This game is most successful when all players are wasted. Using a random number generator (6-sided die, numeric spin wheel, etc.) the player calls out a playable number, opponents name, and a dare. The roller "wins" his round if the number he calls corresponds to the number "rolled". If the number is not called correctly, it is the next player's turn. An example for Player 1 would be: "If I roll a 4, Jude has to lick the dirty strip on the living room table!". If Player 1 successfully calls and rolls a 4, then Jude must perform the dare given. If any players refuse to perform their dare, they must suffer a pre-determined consequence. An example would be to have the biggest player punch the Jude (or whatever player is pussing out) in the nuts. As the game progresses and the dares become more disgusting/harder to accomplish, the pre-determined consequence will keep players from leaving the game. Majority rules when determining what actions are deemed appropriate for the game. The game continues until all remaining players mutually decide to end the game.
"Who wants to get wasted and play Lick-the-Strip!?"

"Lick-the-Strip is the best game ever!"

"My testicles still hurt from playing Lick-the-Strip last night."
viết bởi Merikude 03 Tháng một, 2013
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