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a town in northern jersey where the teenager's weekdays consist of SAT courses and sport pracitces/games, while the weekends consist of going to the city, shopping at possibly the wealthiest mall in new jersey (short hills mall), and getting FUCKED UP at some crazy ass house parties usually in Laurel Hills, Bel-Air, or Coventry. The parties thrown by the teens of livingston are probably the craziest most dangerous parties you will ever attend, consisting of drugs and hard-liquor, but hey thats how they like it. By the end of the night, at least 3 girls are crying drunk, barfing over the toilet, and at least 5 girls have given head to every guy in the room. Either that, or their busy getting their stomachs pumped. By this time, the person throwing the party has either thrown everyone out, leaving them on the street to find a ride, or its too late and the asshole cops have come to fuck you over. Over all, A+ for parties. :D
Person 1: Hey, you where at ____'s party the other night, right?

Person 2: Hell yeah! But then the cops came and i had to run through the woods... then i heard _______'s was having a party and headed over there, but all the alc was gone! So i smoked this amazing blunt that got me sooo fucked up.

Person 1: Sick! Livingston parties are always crazy.
viết bởi living stoned 28 Tháng chín, 2009
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