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persistent loling till one can lol no more
"That film was an absolute lolathon"
viết bởi breeeeeeee 06 Tháng một, 2007
lol-a-thon can be defined as a series of loling in sequence. A lol-a-thon may be an occurance with one participant or many, it really depends on how funny or lolable an event is :]. Also, a lol-a-thon usually goes for a while, as most "a-thon's" do.
"Oh, it was a lol-a-thon when Jerry stacked it over the railings yesterday LOLOLOLOLOL XD"
viết bởi LAWLmonster 06 Tháng mười, 2007
A scenario where you lol to your maximum lolage, pushing your loling capacity to the max.
In other words, laughing so much until you hurt or similar.
'OMG that was SUCH a lolathon!'

Anne and Dave had a right lolathon the other week over the current economy climate.
viết bởi CloserThanYaThinkBoss 29 Tháng bảy, 2011