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Long Talker: also known as "Long Talkers" (couple) and "The Long Talker", referring to the idiot that won’t shut up. “Long Talking (verb)”

A “Long Talker” is a person who can't shut up, usually spewing on about themselves and/or their day. They typically don’t know when they are “Long Talking” and/or how much the other person and/or people who are listening to them want him/her to shut up.

Most “Long Talkers” had broken childhoods and/or had/have very few friends. They pad their Facebook, MySpace or LinkedIn accounts with people the vaguely know and/or briefly met in passing. Most befriend these “Long Talkers” well before any lengthy discussions took place. Otherwise, well, they wouldn’t have befriended them.

Be careful of “Long Talkers”, as they can be impossible to identify right away. Very hard to de-friend and have stalker-istic tendencies.
Gina comes over to your house at 8:00pm to "drop something off". After a minute or so of catching up, you state how tired you are or how you need to get back to anything else but this conversation. Gina, apparently oblivious to your hints, keeps talking, sometimes so fast you can't get a word in.

After 5-10 attempts to close the door mid-speech, Gina still has one foot in and continues to talk.

This is a Long Talker.
viết bởi Short Talker 04 Tháng chín, 2009
One who's conversation just goes on and on. Causing friends and family to avoid him like the plague.
viết bởi Victor Laslow 09 Tháng mười, 2003
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