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when one farts and it sounds like they shit themsleves.
Justin must have mudbut, because it smells like shit.
viết bởi Jrue 29 Tháng một, 2009
Mud But is the way you feel after you've had McDonalds for breakfast.
I just had a B.L.E.T. Bagel from McDonalds and Now I've got MudBut. I'm pissing through my asshole.
viết bởi Paul Maletic 05 Tháng mười hai, 2008
A Mudbut is a small mythical woodland creature found in rural central Pennsylvania. This creature is slightly smaller than a cat and extremely fuzzy. To see this animal would remind you of a koala bear mixed with a household cat. It gains its name by the sound it makes which is in a very highpitched light voice it say "mudbut"
Holy crap there's a mudbut!
viết bởi big willy mcClain 27 Tháng tư, 2006