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Commonly known as a terrorist or insurgent. A follower of the most adamant faiths of radical and fundamentalist Islam, of whose beliefs and actions may interfere with and occasionally threaten the lives and lifestyles of others who share opposing views on religion and lifestyle.

The shared goal of Muslim Extremists are to put 'church' over 'state'. In this case to put their 'church' over everyone else's 'church',because they believe that their god can kick your god's ass.
Currently the second highest threat to any Democratic society, the first being the apathetic non-voting Democratic society itself.

The common profile for a muslim extremist fits that of the college age male of african, middle eastern, and caucasion descent. Often do not shave any facial nor are they ever bald because hairlessness is godlessness. If they are bald, we assume they have leukemia or are neo-nazis.

Muslim Extremists frequently are associated with black listed terror cells such as Al-Qaeda, The Black Panthers, Hezbollah, and the PLO. Mainly located in very large cities, where they are inevetibly harder to track.

See: groups of people most commonly killed by United States Marines.
Me: "Osama is a popular Muslim Extremist; he intends to not only seek revenge on America but he intends to eradicate all other religions and non-islamic forms of government." No shit...
viết bởi insert terrorist psuedonym 31 Tháng bảy, 2008
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