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A commercial, sung by Brak, commonly seen in the commericial breaks during the November run of Fooly Cooly. (FLCL has Ninamori, and she's kawaii! ^_^)

"NEW BRAK SHOW! NEW BRAK SHOW! NEW BRAK SHOW! *Neener neeber!* WATCH IT NOW! USER YOUR EYES! USE YOUR EYES!! *Nvroooo!* NEW BRAK SHOW! WATCH IT NOW! 11:30! *Guitar rifs* 11:30! 11:30! 11:30!

New Brak Show's are made byyy fairies, wood nymphs and gnomes. They come outta the trees... TO DESTROY THE WORLD!!!!

"You hear Brak sing the "NEW BRAK SHOW" commerical during FLCL?"

"Yeah... *Sniff* It was beautiful..."
viết bởi Snebulizer/Nih +grr 17 Tháng mười hai, 2003
A spastic, virtually non-sensical television cartoon aimed at the adult crowd. A - so-called - comedy that has about a laugh per 5 episodes and leaves the viewer with a "squirrel in the path of a Kodiak" look after realizing that he has just witnessed a fine example of a waste of electrons. Apparently watched repeatedly by non-sensical urban dictionary subscribers.
Scott: "I watched the new Brak show last night."
Max: "Is that why you tried to smoke your pencil at break and ordered Starbucks latte frappe espresso fuchia delight at lunch?"
Scott: "What is your name again dude?"
#waste of electrons #tv crap #acid freak show #terrible tv show #attempt at comedy #nonsecial comedic bunk
viết bởi psiscott 09 Tháng tư, 2006
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