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Not enough fucking information.
The directions he gave me were nefi.
viết bởi Max M 29 Tháng ba, 2006
The greatest sock puppet ever.
Nefi is my sock puppet. Mine, all mine. <3
viết bởi Pam Pam 02 Tháng mười, 2004
neh - fee n. A usually renowned person (as an entertainer or billionaire philanthropist) noted and admired for conspicuous attractiveness, awesomeness, skill, and sexual virility.
John: This year I won an Oscar and a Grammy, got on the cover of People's Sexiest People Alive issue, made a billion dollars, built a sturdy house, climbed Mt. Everest, learned 5 languages, beat Lebron James 1 on 1, and wrote a best-selling novel.

Jane: Wow! You are such a Nefi!
viết bởi Merriam100 07 Tháng hai, 2010