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Stands for "Original Gangster".
That girl Casey is an OG right there!
viết bởi C-swizzle fo shizzle 06 Tháng mười một, 2010
147 140
Abbreviation of Original Gangsta. First used by Ice T, with his 1991 album "O.G original gangster", and later adopted by gangsta rappers to refer to an old gangster.
Stupid gangsta rapper: I'm THE o.g
Smart underground hip hop artist: No gangsta can be original, they are all the same.
viết bởi Shakmaveli 09 Tháng sáu, 2010
11 5
Original Granny- Old ladies of the future with tatoos & listen to rap music.
Our Mom is the O.G.
viết bởi Aunt Wild & Aunt Tess 06 Tháng mười, 2011
21 16
Original Google - Someone who is intelligent or well informed, who is at least 20 years older than Google.
” So who do you think would win Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Ken Jennings or Brad Rutter? I don’t know I think both those OGs have a real good chance of winning the money.”

Google BG
viết bởi Polymath 10 Tháng bảy, 2014
0 1
Overly Gay

Someone that Over usess OG and names them self an OG.
OG can only be given to someone by a group of people that are thier peers.
That gamer can't be an OG he named him self an og and he is less then 30 years old maybe he is an OG - Overly Gay
viết bởi HotShotKev 17 Tháng hai, 2014
0 2
O.G. is an acronym standing for ORIGINAL GANGSTER. people and things can be described using O.G. as an adjective. it is almost always associated positivley.
shit, that ninja turtles digital watch is O.G.!

that N.W.A joint is so O.G.
viết bởi 415beez 28 Tháng năm, 2006
48 52
Older Girl. Similar to LG: little girl. but if you are a little boy and you are going out with and older girl
Dude, are you going out with an OG? niceeeee!
viết bởi poopismylife 17 Tháng năm, 2011
77 84