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The end result of a co-worker spraying the back of the toliet bowl with liquid shit. The spray trajectory is usually considered not humanly possible.
Man, who did a Paulie in the Executive crapper? You should see the spray of shit on the back of the bowl.
viết bởi Goph 27 Tháng hai, 2008
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Paulie is a super amazing friend. She'll always be there for you, no matter what. She's the sweetest person in the whole world. She's very unique, creative, smart, and funny.
She's also absolutely beautiful. She doesn't need makeup or anything, she has natural beauty.
She can be very silly at times, and it's really fun to talk to her while she's being silly. She's so good at making people laugh/feel better.
Paulie doesn't always realize what a great person she is, so if you know someone named Paulie, try your best to make her feel special. She deserves it.
Samantha: Hey, Paulie, did you know you're a great friend?
Paulie: No...?
Samantha: Well, you are!
viết bởi SomethingClever7823 07 Tháng bảy, 2011
Derived from the original name Anthony, the person with this name is the most charming and irresistible person you've ever met. One look in this persons eyes and you'll find your self falling for him. You could be at your worst, and this person helps you back up.
I shared some of my cheerios with Paulie cause he's the love of my life.
viết bởi pollllllooooooo 22 Tháng sáu, 2010
Referring to a student/ alum of the elite boarding school St. Paul's School. They have many of their own word, so never try to join into a conversation unless invited.
Hey were my paulies at?
viết bởi steezymac 21 Tháng mười hai, 2010
A venereal wart at the tip of your penis.
Hand me that razor blade, I need to scrape off this paulie from the tip of my penis.
viết bởi Totally Not Murchadha 26 Tháng một, 2013
To "take a Paulie" is another way of stating you need to "take a shit".


A "Paulie" can also be described as a large unbroken shit log. A particular shit log, with such heavy mass, that after the first flush still has the tenacity not go down the S-bend.

Named after an infamous basketball coach that was known for his extremely poor, or shitty, coaching ability.
"Dude, I had too many taco's, I need to go to the toilet and drop a huge Paulie"


"Hey, who forgot to flush?"
"I did flush"
"Oh really? Wow, nice Paulie..."
viết bởi BCD3 10 Tháng bảy, 2008
An adjective used to describe someone who's 'smalltime'(1), someone who's small in stature(2) or something that's small in dimension(3).
(1)He's a paulie pimp/dopedealer.
(2)Joe the baker is a real fat paulie.
(3)A paulie slice of pizza.
viết bởi Samboosa 01 Tháng chín, 2006

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