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Another name for trailer trash in the hills of Tennessee who love to tug on ears of humans and dogs to encourage them to lick the peanut butter.
Come on Banger you peanut butter lover let me pull yo ears tween my legs. Slurp, Slurp.
viết bởi Sharika M. Goldstein 03 Tháng mười, 2009
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someone who LOVES peanut butter and anything to do with nuts (: like taylor jean palmer. krizan and taylor have a lot of history with peanut butter. especially when their sleeping :D where ever theres peanut butter you know taylors close!

richelle: HAHAHA YEAH! in the cupboard.

hayley: here taylor, and the basements empty :D

krizan: OMG that didnt even happen it was james chambers!

hayley: its okay krizan we all know you and taylor are "peanut butter lovers."

taylor: OMG IM GONNA RAPE YOU WITH PEANUT BUTTER. (i may finger your butt hole.)
viết bởi xela rorabaugh 25 Tháng ba, 2009

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