Puertorriqueño(a) is the "proper" term used to address a native islander from Puerto Rico. Do not confuse with Newyoricans, or anyone else born outside the island to Puertorriqueño parents. A real Puertorriqueño(a) knows the words to "La Borinqueña", speaks Spanish (FLUENTLY), has lived on the island, and cries to the words of "En Mi Viejo San Juan". Other terms used to refer to a person from "La Tierra del Encanto" are: Puertorro(a) = a shortened version, Borinqueño(a) = after the island's Taino name "Borikén"; and Boricua = a variant of the previous. The terms Boricua or Puertorro(a) can sometimes be insulting, particularly to an affluent person. However, average people, especially those from the "caserios", do not typically mind these terms.
¡Soy Puertorriqueño(a) y orgulloso! = I'm Puerto Rican.

If you really want to show pride, substitute Puertorriqueño(a) with Borinqueño(a).

Ex.: Ese señor es definitivamente Borinqueño. = That gentleman is definitely Puerto Rican.

¡Vaya Boricua! or ¡Vaya Puertorro(a)!: roughly translates to "Yo hommie from the island"
viết bởi Orgullo Puertorriqueño 20 Tháng hai, 2010
Thats why I'm proud to be puertorican (BORICUA)Why Puerto Ricans are so cool... We are a mix of the best of every race. Our legal drinking age is 18. We can't care less what other people think of us. We are not only bilingual but we can speak 'Spanglish' Our women are the most beautiful in the world, (5 Miss Universe) We are LATIN, and yet AMERICANS Mofongo (that's all I have to say) In PR, any road will take you to a beach..... or a pub. We are the only 'territory' of another country with our own Olympic teams. We do everything under the sun... because we CAN! Because even though we are a territory we are still a whole NATION. We don't need to take vacations to be in a tropical paradise. In PR everything is really close. I can call you sir ('USTED'), and insult you in the same sentence. Our Spanish is completely different than any other Spanish speaking country. We all have cool nicknames. We have the best athletes in the world. We make some of the best coffee of the world. WE CAN DANCE!!!!!!!!! They come from around the world to hire our engineers and scientists. We are the country with the most roads by square mile (and there is still traffic). We have the longest swimming pool in the world (Cerromar) La 'Calle del Cristo' (San Juan P.R.) was the first road of 'The New World ' to be paved. 86% of the rum drunk in the U.S. is from Puerto Rico. We have more female engineers than any other country. (and you still call us machistas?) We know how to party, without absurd curfew laws.We are the major RUM manufacturer of the world. The bats for the Movie Batman Forever were filmed in Las Cuevas de Camuy, P.R. We invented the MayoKetchup! We kicked the DREAM TEAM's ass Puerto Rico has one of the world's highest productivity ratios. Salsa music was the fastest growing genre in the last 20 years. Four Puerto Ricans received the Congress Medal of Honor Eurípides Rubio, Carlos Lozada, Héctor Santiago y Fernando Luis Ledesma García. Only 4 baseball players have 2 Home Runs in the same Inning; 3 of them are Puerto Ricans (Roberto Clemente, Roberto Alomar and Carlos Baerga) Tito Trinidad never went to the Olympics but defeated 4 gold medal champions. A Puerto Rican, Nellie Toledo, designed the 1984 Camaro Berlinetta. We were the 5th country in THE WORLD to have a radio station. (before Washington D.C.) Junior Cordero (Puerto Rican) won the Kentucky Derby 3 times. There is only 7 fluorescent lagoons in the world; we have 4 of them. Giovanni Hidalgo is considered the best percussionist in THE WORLD. Jose Feliciano is in the top 3 guitar players in THE WORLD (don't forget he is blind). The Discovery 500; Solar car designed by the Mayaguez College won 41 awards en Sunrayace , Iowa in 1993. We established the first lottery system in the New World. NOT TO BAD FOR A 100 X 35 MILES ISLAND... plus we are from the island no from New York.
viết bởi Rfael 18 Tháng bảy, 2009
A person that has parents/grandparents who where born in Puerto Rico or still live there. mostly (in the US at least) don't give a crap what people think of them and think they can do whatever they want. and if you end up walking in the same line as one move out of there way or you will collide, because everyone knows they are way better then everyone else
Puerto Rican typing: y0 nikka wnna hng ut 2dy.
viết bởi lololumad? 07 Tháng tám, 2012
We're beatiful people with nice bodies and a nice skin tone. We get crazy and know how to have fun! Freakss ;]
"Damm look at those puerto ricans right there!, soo fine"
viết bởi [Ghetto Birdd] 30 Tháng một, 2009
Being lazy. Puerto Ricans are the laziest of all latinos.
Shit, Jamal, you ain't been to class all week, you gettin' Puerto Rican on me?
viết bởi C. Pumpkin 05 Tháng ba, 2008
“a bunch of flag stealing bastards"? What a dump Cuban. The Puerto Rican flag was adapted in the 19th century as homage to Cuba for its contribution to the independence of Puerto Rico from Spain.
Puerto Ricans are great people!
viết bởi inteligente 20 Tháng chín, 2007
The Latino people who are really over confident and obnoxious and like to fight like men whether they are men or women. Unfortunately Americans think all Latinos are Puerto Ricans and its humiliating because they act so ghetto.
"You looking at boyfriend bitch?! I'm Puerto Rican and ill rip your hair out!"

Actually I was looking at the clock on the wall behind you so pike down cause I wouldn't touch a man whose been with you."
viết bởi Jss 10 Tháng sáu, 2013
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