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the act of renting movies from a red box machine
Are we red boxing it today? I really wanna see spiderman 3.
#dvds #red box #rental #blockbuster #video
viết bởi hardhitr3 14 Tháng bảy, 2009
(verb) The act of going to a Redbox to rent a DVD.
Bill: "Are you going out tonight?"
Vern: "No, I think I'm Redboxing."
#redbox #renting dvds #movies #entertainment #activities
viết bởi Ashley Heath 29 Tháng một, 2009
(verb) Going to an available red vending machine, handing out a buck, pulling out of the slot, and taking it home for a one night stand.
I'm thinking about redboxing it tonight.
#renting #watching #netflixing #freaking #borrowing
viết bởi squacker1 08 Tháng một, 2011
the act of visiting a Redbox DVD rental kiosk in a restaurant or grocery store and not buying any food (as they want you to) and getting a DVD redboxing at Mickey D's.
#dvd #rental #dropping in #fuck the man #ha
viết bởi saundo 10 Tháng bảy, 2008
A girl who is on her period and only wants to watch movies.
Ambar is redboxing it today. That's why she's not at work
#pms #period #red rag #time of the month #menstruating
viết bởi abelaz86 02 Tháng mười một, 2013
The act of renting a movie from Redbox, taking it home to watch with a person you really like, and making out for almost the entire movie.
Boy: Hey you wanna come over tomorrow and redbox?

Girl: Yea! We can redbox all night if you want ;)

Boy: Score!

Girl: I love redboxing with you.
#redbox #redboxing #making out #movie rental #booty call
viết bởi B <3 J 05 Tháng tám, 2011
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