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1. (n) sport involving maddd biddies

2. (v) to scale shit like its your job, then mack on the biddies who come to watch
-Hey dude lemme borrow your rock climbing shoes imma go hit up the rocks
viết bởi climbin'champ 17 Tháng ba, 2010
38 29
1. The extreme sport of climbing large rocks, or cliffs.

2. The extreme sport of fucking extremely fat chicks (i.e. T-rex from Orgazmo)
1. Let's go to the cliff and go rock climbing.

2. Let's go find that chick chick and rock climb her.
viết bởi Brew Guy 07 Tháng ba, 2005
201 83
The act of having sex w/ a large women.
Example: I went rock climbing last night.
viết bởi omgownedadam 01 Tháng bảy, 2006
238 132
Drug Terminology often used in personal ads referring to smoking crack. As opposed to skiing which refers to cocaine.
Hot couple looking for a third into rock climbing and group sex.
viết bởi UrbanSuperMan 28 Tháng một, 2008
134 162
definitely the coolest sport ever
Lynn Hill is my favorite female rock climber.
viết bởi Sunshine Dore 21 Tháng sáu, 2005
116 209
One of only three sports ever invented, the other two being ultimate disc and rock climbing.
Rock climbing is fucking incredible.
viết bởi Wallrat 28 Tháng hai, 2005
75 208
Of all so-called "extreme sports" (activities that about 1/2 the time are undertaken, or claimed to have been undertaken, by otherwise boring people in a desperate attempt to become interesting), this is probably the trendiest way to give yourself the affectation of ruggedness, danger, physical fitness, etc. Note that most people who express an interest in rock-climbing or purchase incidental gear such as carabiners, have never climbed and never will.

See also: posers, conformity of noncomformity, North Face, bungee jumping.
Inner thought bubble of "extreme sports" Aberzombie, "Dude, all the chicks will be on me if I wear this carabiner on my belt loop and talk about rock climbing! I better buy this magazine so I can look like I know what I'm talking about!"
viết bởi FunkyBumpkin 29 Tháng tư, 2005
77 217