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Noun, Verb, Adjective, etc.

Widely usable and applicable, the term Salsa Bath has not but one definition, but rather, defines itself based on contextual implications.

More specifically, salsa bath is an expression of shock, dismay, disbelief, excitement, horror, disgust, interest, boredom, exhaustion, enthusiasm, enlightenment, animosity, arousal, beguilement, satisfaction, outrage, and/or commitment.

This list could continue into infinity, as various uses of the term present themselves in the contextually relevant metaverse.
"I got a real salsa bath at the book store this semester."

"That concert last night was one hell of a salsa bath!"

"Dude, have you seen her in a bathing suit? Salsa bath!!"

"That guy is a total jerk; his whole life is one big salsa bath."

"Took a shower this morning... salsa bath!"

Person 1: "Want to come to the Devo concert tonight?"
Person 2: "Can't, have to work until 3 am."
Person 1: "Ahh, salsa bath."

"I can't believe the NDAA, what a salsa bath!"

"The Occupy Movement took a real salsa bath this winter."

Person 1: "Dude, I'm actually going to fill a claw-foot tub with Pace Picante this weekend and take a fucking salsa bath!"
Person 2: "Alright, salsa bath!"

Person 1: "Did you hear? The federal government now has the power to incarcerate any individual indefinitely without trial."
Person 2: "Salsa... Bath..."

"My English class this semester is a real salsa bath."

"I'm thinking about coming by your studio and checking out your little salsa bath project."

Person 1: "Dude, this place wreaks of milk soda."
Person 2: "Salsa bath?"

"Last night I finally got lucky with Tiffany... Salsa bath."

Person 1: "Dude, Frank slept with my girlfriend, Tiffany!"
Person 2: "Aww man, salsa bath!"
Person 1: "Yeah, he's gonna get a fucking salsa bath to the face next time I see him."

Buddha: "A jug fills drop by drop."
Disciple: "Salsa Bath."

"Sometimes life just seems like one salsa bath after another."

"The federal government is just one, big salsa bath."
viết bởi Triivlerackasaurus Rex 20 Tháng một, 2012

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