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Slippery Oboe – River Style

The maiden voyage of the “Slippery Oboe” was first weathered in July 1975 on the North Branch of the Manistee River in Michigan. In actuality the Oboe is a long musical instrument but in this application it’s substituted with another obvious long instrument. Next a truck inner tube is used as a floatation device for river tubing. Two riders male and felmale position themselves on a large tube, male first straddles the tube bottom down and female in his lap. On a secluded section of the river the maestro (male) uncases his “Oboe” from the side of his swim trunks for some quality playing time. The Slippery (wet) Oboe is then plugged into the conductor’s (female) orchestra chamber from behind while she is positioned on his lap. The tubers then carefully balance themselves back onto the tube and begin to float. The male then takes responsibility for guiding the tube and providing the desired timbre (motion) – the female then enjoys the large range of timbre and dynamic range of notes of the free floating ride of estacy.
Maynard talked Julie into a “Slippery Oboe” duet while tubing on the Manistee.

Mike and Kathy were please with the erotica of floating on their tube and subtlety working their steamy version of the “Slipper Oboe” and the floating climatic crechendo at band camp!
viết bởi Mr. Doobie 13 Tháng bảy, 2008
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