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A mythical beast, which can be found in the in the bronx of weston-super-mare this creature has the ability to change the shape of its face without warning it does this by using an unique type of plastic surgery. this has baffled scientist for years as a seemlusly deformed beast can rescalped it face into something beautiful but is unable to keep it for more than 20 seconds, the last steve jackson to be seen was over ten years ago, and some now think they are extinct but just like big foot, scientist with their camera's are always hoping to catch a gilmps of the beast in one of the natural waterholes of meadvale namely the "nightjar".
tell tale signs that you have seen a steve jackson are
1. it is wearing a ton of hair gel
2. it is probably playing warcraft
3. it is incredibly sarcatic
4. Wearing the asda crest
5. smells like defication
6. may look like brad pitt for 20 seconds

if you have witnessed any of the above please could you contact the National steve jackson spotting agency.
viết bởi missy elliot118 03 Tháng năm, 2006
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