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The Wanted's nickname for the fans
"Ok, its 2.46am so gotta get some sleep!! Awesome night, bring on tomorrow in canada!! Goodnight / good morning #tweople :P x" as tweeted by Nathan Sykes (@NathantheWanted) on Feb 9
viết bởi TW_NathanSykesLover 16 Tháng hai, 2012

A term used to define a group or people that are your Followers or people you may be Following on the Social Network Twitter.
I have a lot of Tweople who follow me on a day to day basis.
viết bởi TeronTheDon 01 Tháng năm, 2009
A Tiny Web Person that walks out onto a website and speaks to the site visitor. Can also apply to tiny web people within a website video, youtube video or web commercial.
You can find all kind of examples at Tweople.com.
viết bởi The Head Tiny Web Person 09 Tháng mười hai, 2010