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also, tandyslappage (n.), tandyslapped (vi, pl.) tandyslapping (pp.)

1. To defeat or be defeated, thwarted, injured, hurt,
done in, etc. by technology or the use of technologies
and/or artifacts of much lesser sophistication & usually
far earlier manufacture than that which is being used
thereagainst, in armed combat, in laboratory settings,
traffic, and so on. can be used regardless of the
vintage of the machine in question for any case of im-
mediate bodily harm or other failure dealt directly or
made possible by a computer, but is mostly relevant to
instances in which said computer is by turns obsolete.

2. To kill or be killed, maimed, injured, put out, etc.,
in such a way as employs the "two birds with one stone"
principle. The term is dually applicable to cases of this
in which the principle described above, in sense 1, can
also be observed.

There is debate as to the word's origins, many taking
up a side which identifies the Tandy Personal Computer
of the seventies as being the namesake entity, others
contending that "tandy" is simply a short form of the
word "tandem", and that the definition which appears
here in sense 2 is the only authentic one. To both of
these another theory is preferred more still which pro-
poses that the rhyme with "handicapped" was meant by
its originators to be a subtly implicit reference to
the permanent brain damage often suffered by those who
fall victim to tandyslapping.
- "...took the f*ck down with a pair of 8 bit Nintendo
contollers for a bolo, and hog tied."

- "Whoa, Tandyslapped! Anyone get it on camera?"
viết bởi ThaGink 07 Tháng tư, 2010
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