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A Texas sunrise occurs when: at the break of dawn, while the victim lays peacefully asleep, the predator places a cowboy hat upon the sleeping victim's face, blocking out all light to their eyes, then removes the victim's pants or undergarments and firmly mounts the sleeping victim and forcefully inserts member unit A into desired orifice A.
In 1996, Vince Vaughan attended a gala in Hollywood, CA, where he was drinking heavily then cruised across town to a party at a friend's house. Andrew Robert Christ, an assosciate of Vaughan's, decided to take advantage of him in his inebriated state. Vince Vaughan partied for hours until roughly 3:46 AM, fell fast asleep. As this was a Halloween party, Vaughan was dressed as a spaceman, and Andrew as a cowboy. Andrew slowly but surely removed Vaughan's spaceman outfit complete with helmet and underlying undergarments, which took two hours to perform. By this time, the sun was rising, creating a beautiful crimson landscape, much like the sunrise of college station, Texas. At this point, Andrew Robert Chirst removed his cowboy hat and placed it firmly over Vince Vaughan's eyes, blocking all light from them. Sleekly removing his own cowboy garb, ARC sensually placed himself atop Vince Vaughan's sleeping body and forced Vaughn's morning erection within himself, causing him to wake. This act thoroughly confused Vaughan, the cowboy hat having blocked all light from his eyes. Vaughan, on many counts, has denied this act on many occasions, but the legend remains in the act known as the Texas sunrise.
James gave Robert a Texas Sunrise for his birthday.
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viết bởi Andrew Robert Christ 13 Tháng mười, 2007
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