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These tiny aquatic animals have evolved to be born with diaper; urine stains inhabit their fluffy white diapers. The only problem is that these baby diaper elephants have devoloped a taste for human flesh. At the stroke of midnight they prowl the columbian streets of venezuela, searching for thier next victim. They tend to go for the small fat african american children. The children spill milk and honey attracting the baby diaper elephants, which travel in packs. They first kill their victims by injecting them wiht a potent toxin, which is stored in their tusks. Which embolizes the victim, they always start at the toes and work their way up. The baby diaper elephants have no skin; they search for human skin to replace their rotting flesh. The baby diaper elephant has a foul odor, which attracts the oppostie sex, which is used for mating with other baby diaper elephants. The odor of the baby diaper elephant can be described as a mixture of feces limburger cheese and sweaty feet. The columbian Government has tried to keep these putrid beasts under raps but word of mouth has caused a stampede of controversy. The first military base dedicated to the study of the baby diaper elephant was established in 1973 about 1-kagillion years ago in 1997. The first fatality caused by the baby diaper elephant was Juan Stinkeranzo of Madagascar. He was found dead with his skin ripped off in his million-dollar bungalow in New Yorn city, California. The putrid stench had left a huge imprint in our hearts and soul; we send our deepest sympathies to his family Maria and Jose Stinkeranzo who both wish to remain anonymous.
i believe The Baby Diaper Elephant is much like a chupacabra, just cuter.
#bde #or the baby diaper elephant #or simple babys diaper elephant #cute bde #fluffy bde
viết bởi Ryan, Sean, And Nick 12 Tháng hai, 2006
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