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The Manvils are a Canadian indie rock band from Vancouver. The band, consisting of singer, songwriter and guitarist Mikey Manville, lead guitarist Mark Parry, bassist Greg Buhr and drummer Andy Mac, formed in 2005.

The band play a brand of rock music strongly influenced by 1960s British Rock music styles. Their debut album "Buried Love" is influenced more by 60s psychedelic music. They have toured with many bands in their short career this far including Stereophonics, The Bellrays, Horrorpops, They Might Be Giants, The High Dials, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, SuicideGirls etc.

The bands live show is known to be totally unpredictable, intense and an unrivaled experience which draws more and more attention and more fans each time they play.

Their music has been featured in the CBC Television documentary series "Moscow Freestyle" and they will feature in a future Budweiser Beer commercial in 2006/2007.
The Manvils - The Best Damn Band out there!
viết bởi BrianHJones 09 Tháng mười một, 2006
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