A synonym for horny.
Guy 1: Man did you see Amber last night? She totally wants the D.
Guy 2: Yeah man, she's so thirsty.
#horny #the d #sex #desperate #wet
viết bởi captainjames 06 Tháng một, 2014
When your throat becomes dry and you need something to drink.
Dan: Hey my man, pass me some of dat go go juice, Im hella thirsty.
John: Sure thing my man.
#hoe #water #tired #thot #themostmissusedwordever
viết bởi NDAWG18 04 Tháng ba, 2015
An adjective used in describing a person deliberately fishing for compliments, attention, etc.
She is always posting pictures with extreme cleavage, thirsty much?
#basic bitch #attention whore #thirst #self-conscious #needy
viết bởi justadino 02 Tháng ba, 2015
The worst thing in the world. Your throat is getting dry, your lips are cracking. Your mind is slowly going and you have no choice but to sit and watch. You need a drink, but there are none in sight.
Wayne: I would literally drink my own piss right now.
Markus: Man, sounds like you got a case of the thirsties!
*Wayne strikes Markus dead*
#thirsties #thursty #thirsty #drink #cool #hungry
viết bởi dannydunlop 07 Tháng mười, 2009
Looking for compliments . Fishing for attention to boost your confidence .
I'm thirsty do I look pretty today ?
#needy #fishing #attention seeking #compliments #looking
viết bởi Lionness0819 20 Tháng mười hai, 2014
when you are horny for some ass
I always get thirsty looking at your fine tits
#booty #horny #thot #slut #nip slips
viết bởi swagerererererer 25 Tháng mười một, 2014
A guy that wants every bitch he see as long as she got cake and aint prude. This can also be a girl she wants to fuck every guy she meets and doesnt like to keep people put of her pants.
He/she is thirsty as fuck look at him/her basically crying for some fake attention
#thot #craving #thirst #hoe #wants
viết bởi Kurby123 05 Tháng sáu, 2014
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