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Amazing, Energetic, and full of life. She knows how to have fun and is always the life of the party.
Wow Tiera is partying like a rock star!
viết bởi Moogi 05 Tháng hai, 2008
161 39
Amzaning gifted at music! This girl can sing her heart out! Shes super pretty and has long brown hair. She's a major fashionista! Every one loves to be around her.
Wow, That girl is such a Tiera!

pretty nice Crazy Talented Lovable
viết bởi LalaMusicBaby 24 Tháng năm, 2011
45 16
An insane, bookworm, writer, roleplayer, who most would describe as crazy, She doesn't suffer from insanity, she enjoys it!
Tiera told me she's an alien
viết bởi daughterofthewaves 21 Tháng chín, 2011
43 16
A lying back stabbing short girl. Usually with curly hair, or very long hair. Ugly but always seems to have multiple boyfriends who she never sees because she meets them on the internet. Steals things from everyone. Dates her friends boyfriends. Major slut/hoe. Self-absorbed. Selfish. Doesn't appreciate anyone or anything. Will do anything to get attention. Attention-whore.
Wow, don't be a Tiera.
viết bởi Yumi17171 01 Tháng bảy, 2010
35 78
a crazy, loose crack addicted hawiaan who enjoys lap dances and a nice cock job.
man, thats more tiera than i wanted to see
viết bởi stupid thing wont let me use my name 15 Tháng một, 2007
24 73