A combination of a tourist and a moron.
The touron was driving down the street 25 mph looking at the attractions.

The touron spent $200 on tacky souvenirs at the local hardware store.
viết bởi Summer Atlas 10 Tháng ba, 2003
Top Definition
The derogatory term combines the words "Tourist" with "Moron" to describe any person who, while on vacation, commits an act of pure stupidity.

The term has its roots in the resort, park service and service industries and can easily be dated back at least as far as the mid 1970's. It is widely used throughout the US, but may not be in general use by mainstream society.

Mostly an inside "Joke", created to vent emotion when dealing with the public.

In Yosemite National Park, "Tourons" regularly block access into the park by stopping on the single lane road to take pictures of wildlife.

"Tourist, Please leave your brain before entering " was the sign in an underground cartoon in Yosemite in the late 1980s. It depicted the entrance to the park with a park service employee leaning out the gate to accept the brain of a tourist driving a Volkswagen Beetle. Another sign in the cartoon read "Night Drop".

The cartoon was seen in both park service and concessions offices during that period and reflects the over all harmless, yet critical view of people who forget how to act in public.

The "Touron" asked the Ranger when the deer were released for viewing.
viết bởi Amadscientist 18 Tháng tư, 2009
Noun. A moronic tourist, usually from Canada, Germany or France.
In winter, the tourons from Canada descend on Florida.
viết bởi William Dean A. Garner 15 Tháng tư, 2011
noun: From Fridora-ese. Late 20th century in origin, upstate New York, probably Ticonderoga..

Used by tourist trade to describe bumbling visitors; compound of "tourist" and "moron".
Those tourons asked me if colonial soldiers arrived here by train or in campers.
viết bởi Alonzo Pflugelheimer 02 Tháng tám, 2004
A portmanteau formed by combining the words "tourist" and "moron".
Every year in March, Austin is overrun with tourons thanks to SXSW.
viết bởi Native Austinite 10 Tháng một, 2013
Noun: Tourons: A word combining two words (tourists and morons. ) Seasonal Visitors, mostly old who drive slow and stop for no apparent reason.

Adj: The Tourons are here and traffic is backed up for miles.
"I went to the mall and the fucking parking lot was full of Tourons."

"Why did he stop in the middle of the road?" "He is a Touron and too old to read the street signs."

"Damn, now that it is cooler all the Tourons will be here soon."
viết bởi Kelebrinlith 04 Tháng tư, 2010
A term used in Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks of North Carolina to describe the idiots from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania that pour into the resort areas every summer and complain about everything from the heat to the food. Touron is easily distinguished by pale white skin(or lobster red), Jimmy Buffetesque print shirts, and Wal-Mart flip flops. Known to be found regularly at 1st Street(jetty) area of Virginia Beach standing about with stupid looks on their faces as the lifeguards are whistling them out of the water despite the SURFERS ONLY signs posted all around them. Frequently set up on the beach in commune fashion complete with tents, TV's, Stereos, and 500 gallon coolers, and will usually set up in front of someone with complete disregard to beach etiquette(after all they won the war). Loud and obnoxious, frequently wear black jeans and shirts to the beach. Tourons have become a good source of revenue to the locals in/around the Rudee Inlet area of North Carolina as they can't seem to grasp the concept of airing their tires down before driving unto the sand, thus getting their Suburbans stuck and subjecting themselves to fee's ranging from blowjobs to 100 bucks to get their dumbs asses pulled out.
It should have only took me 10 minutes to get to work today but 264 was jammed up with stupid tourons
viết bởi Donald Vick 21 Tháng tám, 2007
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