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One who attempts to hook up with fat chicks and is, in most cases, denied.
Dude, that chick Carl tried to bring home had to be like 300 pounds. Good thing she already had a boyfriend. He's such a twigg.
viết bởi CareyB 10 Tháng bảy, 2008
A pretty little man, who lure's women to his bed on the pretense of being a cat owner. He does not own a cat.
I'm going over to Twigg's tonight to feed his sick little cat.
viết bởi Craig 05 Tháng một, 2004
a man who steals all of his humor from another place, and claims it as his own
He Twigged his best material from Comedy Central.
viết bởi Josie 04 Tháng một, 2005