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A UWI Mattress is an individual, usually renting near campus who has finally been relieved of their mother's apron strings. Now free, they become the ultimate party go-er and partake in large volumes of alcohol on the students-enter-free days at the clubs. They then develop a promiscuous lifestyle, adopting the name campus mattress or UWI mattress as they as so easy to fall on, sleep with. But, like any mattress lain on the floor to sleep, it is a temporary fix until the 'bed' arrives. UWI/Campus mattresses usually hail from Naparima Girls' High School, St Joseph Convent San Fernando and other all girl schools in south Trinidad.
Wow that girl is a UWI Mattress! She met him last night and I hear he get it good!
viết bởi thatguyorgirlwhoknows 24 Tháng hai, 2014

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