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-A reality show on SciFi created by Marvel Comic legend, Stan Lee, creator of Spider Man, The Hulk, The Fantastic Four and X-Men.
-Contest where everyone auditions to be Stan Lee's next big comic book hero and attempt to win the prize of their own comic book series and their own SciFi Channel movie.
-Contestants must come into auditions with their own original costumes, character name and powers.
-Contestants must always wear their costumes and participate in tricky not-so-obvious challenges.
ie their first contest seemed to be change into costume and race to the finish line when in fact--the real test was to save the girl who was crying that she was lost at the water fountain near the finish line
-"Heroes" are cut each week should they 1-fail the challege or 2-do something un-hero-like (ie lying, cheating, bragging, etc)
-"Heroes" are eliminated with the phrase "Turn in your costume" which they are ordered to throw into a trash can that ignites on fire by lightening
-First season's characters have included: (in order of elimination) Levity, Nitro-G, Cell Phone Girl, Iron Enforcer, Monkey Woman, Tyveculus, Creature, Lemuria--those still on the show are Major Victory, Fat Momma and Feedback
-If its your dream to become a comic book superhero, then you should audition for Stan Lee's "Who Wants to be a Superhero?" on SciFi.
viết bởi LogansMarvel 17 Tháng tám, 2006
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