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Exactly the same as a Wiitard/Wii-tard, except that the

Wii is replaced with the Wii U.

Someone who's goal in life is apparentley to play the Nintendo Wii U as much as possible, with the new features of the Wii U, Wiitards have been taken to the next level.

They hate every other video game console, even the

Wii U's predecessor.

When they do video calls, they scream and mess up their
faces in anger as if they had Tourrettes.

They eventually get 3rd degree burns due to playing so
much on the controller, After this, they complain to
Nintendo for not making thinner controllers with jackets.

After using the Wii's Nunchuck and remote like controller,
WiiUtards still go insane with the controller and think of it
as a Wii remote, resulting in controllers being shaked,
flown around all over the place and being thrown into the TV screen.

They suck more at the Wii U than they had at the Wii.

Because the Wii U has not been released yet, the only

WiiUtards right now are idiots that got a job at Nintendo.
WiiUtard: The Wii sucks now, I'm throwing it and every

single piece of trash I've played on it. Screw you Mario Galaxy!

Friend: What a WiiUtard, you only got Mario Galaxy yesterday.

WiiUtard: But it's a Wii game! *Throws Wii and Wii games in the bin*

Friend: And the WiiU has backwards compatibility

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viết bởi SaviourZealot 16 Tháng một, 2012
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