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Girl who is very loving. Funky and cute but not too sassy. Loves to cuddle and craves attention. Heart of gold!
"Ambie your the greatest friend!"
viết bởi amber 16 Tháng tư, 2005
An ambidextrous person. Obviously, short for "AMBIdextrous".
I'm so lucky. I'm an ambie. I can use both my hands equally.
viết bởi Mimzyyyyyyy 12 Tháng một, 2010
A sweet, self proclaimed "loner" who has no problem telling just what she thinks of your pathetic self. A great friend to have or an aweful enemmy. If you hurt her or attempt to her sometimes blond friend Erica will KILL YOU!!!
Doug: I am sooooo hot!
Ambie: "You are soooo not!"
viết bởi Moo_E 12 Tháng mười hai, 2005