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(n) originally derived from the latin word armeusdickus, an armdick refers to the substitution of one's dick in place of their arm. there is much debate over the correct terminology of this word. purists believe it to be "armdick" while younger generations have adopted the term "dickarm."

this limb/phallic integration gained much popularity in the late 2000s due to the success of the new super mario brothers on the nintendo wii. alongside the armdick in super mario brother was its predecessor the "dicksocket" or "deeksockeet." (see dick socket) together the two changed the face of arms, dicks and sockets as we know it. shigeru miyamoto has commented on this by saying, "before i make deek sockeet, american never have deek with sockeet. then one day i take deek and put with sockeet. american never see it coming. hahahaha."
Dude, Jan just slapped me with her armdick. I didnt even know we had the technology for that.

After the accident, I never though I would walk again. But then I got an armdick.

Armdick? I dont even know you!

Yo bro, is that an armdick?

Armdick. Some stay dry while others feel the pain
Armdick. The school books say it wont be here again
viết bởi Shigeru Miyamoto DEEK SOCKEET 27 Tháng mười hai, 2009
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