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1. an absolute fuckin wanker who thinks that he'll be cool if he listens to heavy music, so insecure about himself goes and fuckin lets loose on people as pathetic as he is.
2. the rump ranger who goes around thinking he's so cool because he doesnt conform to anything that, in his opinion is "comecial". but at the sametime is conforming to all the other twats who think like him and at the end of the day giving in to what the "comercial comforming media" labels as rebellous and non conforming.
3. an aparent "true metaller" who cant handle being in a simple mosh. moshing aint jumpin up and down dick fag
Ahem, and i quote: The masks/boiler suits/9 members ARE gimmicks. Loads of other (better) bands don't feel the need for them and produce far better music as a result.

I don't care what type of hardcore/rock/jungle/punk you would like to classify them into, as long as you avoid the word "metal", because they do not have any of the ingredients that make up a metal band. Also I don't want people who are just starting to like REAL metal to be put off by the shit that SlipKnot's record company churn out.

Both the band and their fans are generally speaking wankers. You go to a metal gig, you expect moshing and headbanging and stagediving. What you don't expect is people trampling you when you're down. Real metallers help each other up to continue the mosh, and give each other space to headbang.
It's not big, clever, "metal" or anything else for that matter to cause pain to another person. Grow the fuck up.
viết bởi axeslash fucker 04 Tháng một, 2005
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