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an all male gay cruise
I almost signed up for that cruise until I found out it was a banana boat.
viết bởi truck drivin jim 09 Tháng tư, 2009
6680 6433
Being under the influence of a depressant (IE Alcohol) and needing to quickly pick yourself via a stimulant (IE Cocaine) up for a particular reason.
John: I'm still fucked up from last night and have a job interview in 30 minutes, man.
Matt: Don't worry, dude, I have cocaine, the banana boat is coming.
viết bởi gameplyer710 28 Tháng năm, 2013
50 17
when you have a party on land, and it is dominated mainly by the male species, we call it a sausage fest.

but when the party is on a watercraft, and there is a distinct lack of the female species, then it becomes a banana boat.
DOUG: "hey, how was lake havasu spring break? you see a lot of hotties?"

FRED: "you would think so, but i think its getting played out. it was mostly banana boats out there..."
viết bởi krapart 11 Tháng tám, 2010
64 33
One of many other terms used to disguise the word "weed"

Unknown man: Hello Jet Ski instructor, could I purchase some banana boat INSERT WINK

Jet Ski: Okay I'll sell you some of this banana boat DOUBLE WINK

Unknown man 2: Sweet, lets get home to ride this banana boat
viết bởi Jet Ski instructor 5 04 Tháng bảy, 2011
58 62
A banana carved into a boat with wings.
Dude i made a bananaboat last night
Nice, is it yellow?
viết bởi Max Glenn-Davi 13 Tháng ba, 2008
9 23
when having intercouse in the tub the man shits and it floats to the surface
omg did you just see my banana boat
viết bởi pinky the shit guy1 10 Tháng một, 2010
28 59
To flip your nutsack over your penis and stuff it in your asshole
When i am single i banana boat instead of jacking off, makes me feel satisfied.
viết bởi carcassxcutter 08 Tháng bảy, 2010
35 69