Bling is jewelry, if you blingin, juss means your iced out bruh. Its played out 4real though, no one really uses this worn no more, except white people. even old ladies and disney channel be saying bling bling. so dont say that shit, use somethin else.
"yo, im bout to go to the jewelry store and buy me some bling"
#froze up #iced out #jewelry #bling #bling bling #frosty.
viết bởi Impulse_187 29 Tháng một, 2008
Insecure retards way of trying to get attention and to give the impression that they are "running shit".
Look at me! I bought me suh bling! I'msa cool not that I bought what the media told me tuh buy! What, NIGGA?!?
#ignorant #flashy #stupid #rappers #money
viết bởi Amariah 09 Tháng năm, 2007
Flashy jewelry, usually gold and gaudy. The name derives from the sound made in the video game MARIO BROS. when the character snags a gold coin.
"He wears his bling like a badge of honor."
#syn. jewelry #rings #necklaces #diamonds #gold
viết bởi TFL 10 Tháng một, 2006
Bling, B.L.I.N.G. (Bringing Lyrical Intellect Naturally G) behold the name; a conscious party rapper of Arabian descent, residing in the pacific. Known for his hit song "Get Wid It!"
I really got wid that Bling, now I ain't wearing so much of it!
#bling #hip hop #nz #party #rap
viết bởi James Diddy 08 Tháng mười, 2007
Its basically another word for cocaine.
Lets go get some bling.
#cocaine #blow #coke #chrons #powder
viết bởi NETTLES 13 Tháng chín, 2007
Its basically another word for cocaine
Let go get some bling.
#cocaine #blow #chrons #coke #powder
viết bởi NETTLES 13 Tháng chín, 2007
some shiny things you wear around your neck. and your fingers. and your teeth aka "grillz". "Rob a jewelry store and tell em to make me a grill." Usually very blinding.
"Ling ling, you forgot your BLING BLING!"-Hot Chick
#diamonds #bling #grillz #blinggggggggg #shiny
viết bởi kerethy 02 Tháng tám, 2006
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