an elite form of human. decendants are ususally found in or around douglaston NY and the surrounding areas. they drink. they smoke. they drive. they party. the squandar money like madmen. but most importantly the have bonfires. bobinski bonfires are known for the craziness and immense amounts of fun that can be found there.
DUDE, i dont remember a thing from last night!!

yoo man i think we went to a bobinski bonfire last night!

ahhh man thats why i feel like i had the best time last nighttt, i wasnt sure why, but now i know it was because we went to the fire pittt.
#bonfires #wood #boner #bobinski #fuck bitches make money
viết bởi czar bobinski 31 Tháng năm, 2009
Top Definition
a group of teens coming from different schools in one area of queens. they all think they're better then other kids and hold big group bonfires every once and so often in random places. the guys are mostly assholes or gay and the girls are nice and pretty. they have inside jokes and say to anyone not a bobinski that that is the reason why they don't understand them. yes, they can be classified as a gang because they're extremely dangerous.
"god i can't believe matt and brian bobinski had anal last night"


" tom bobinski is the biggest meanie of them all "
" yeah, i totally didn't understand what he was saying and didn't care after he said i wouldn't understand it because i wasn't in the bobinskis ".
#bobinski #boobinski #anal sex #hello kitty #matt
viết bởi bobinski hater. 02 Tháng năm, 2009
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