Someone who is acting like a bitch and a dork at the same time!
Oh come on Kate, stop being such a bork!
#bitch #dork #acting #kate #complicated
viết bởi jtothenine 12 Tháng mười hai, 2010
A BORK is a conjunction of the words Bork and dORK. A Bork can be a dork who is mind numbingly boring or even dorkish boring person.
Lets face it, Amber, Scott is a uber BORK. When i think of a BORK his boring dorky face is all i see.
#bordork #bdork #dork #boring dork #uber dork
viết bởi Jon Narki 02 Tháng hai, 2010
to rape a girl in the booty hole
i borked her last night
#rape #sex #anal #pork #booty
viết bởi corytchristbradm 29 Tháng tư, 2010
the sound made when tooting in a bathtub
you must have been gasey! i could hear that bork from the kitchen.
#fart #toot #gas #gasey #flattulant #bathtub #noise #sound #bottley function
viết bởi Trav-dog 13 Tháng bảy, 2008
Verb. refers to the act of having anal sex, usually involuntarily, or perhaps being taken advantage of. a.k.a "Butt porked"
You just got donkey borked.

That new hairstyle is totally borkified.

"My cowboy friend marty is gay coz he likes to be borked, he lives on Borkback Mountain"

A man was hunting deer to make sausage. He spotted a buck and cocked his gun. Misfire! the buck charged him and the hunter woke up and discovered he was bent over a log.
The buck said "Here is that deer sausage u wanted, then he borked him.
#bork #brok #pork #prok #butt sex #martha stewart
viết bởi Kincaide&MrCutie 27 Tháng mười, 2006
1) the process of sucking terribly. Commonly done by Jim Belushi and any sucky actor.

2) eating gravy.

3) slang swear
You bork so bad it isn't even funny.
You have a borking spork stuck to your borking head!
#fucked #screwed #suck #damn #screwed over
viết bởi Raccooninabox 13 Tháng sáu, 2006
to have intimate relations with Borker.

"Jenna is so lucky she got borked"
"I bet Borker could bork all night long"
"Once I am borked, my life will be complete"
#hot #gorgeous #amazing at life #desired #damnnn
viết bởi Sister#9 22 Tháng chín, 2008
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