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The name of a buddy when you are addressing them informally.
Hey bro, can you give me a hand? Hey bro! How are you? Bro, you need to give up on her.
viết bởi deejpeach 29 Tháng mười, 2012
guys who all think theyre gods gift and hang out together. wear sports wear with skate brands. most likely play sports drink, smoke, party with the cool chicks. guys who all fuck a certain group of girls, banging eachothers girlfriends back and forth but are all still friends. also high socks with logo and vans
viết bởi Kota B 22 Tháng tám, 2012

1. "Positive vibe merchants." 2. Men of legit status.


1. Human-like 2. To not start beef with anyone; to suck it up and bite lip when in the midst of it.
A: He cool?
B: he's bro.

A: He's a legit guitarist, and an original bro.

A: Fuck him and fuck you!!!!!!!!
B: bro.................

Proper bands consisting of original bros: 311, tool, death, Rush, and many more.

Terence Mckenna was a bro. John Lennon was a bro. Jesus is believed to have been the first bro, hence his fame.
viết bởi music_display 23 Tháng mười một, 2011
The penultimate male friend of a male.

A dude who's chill, always looking out for the positive, and likes to crack jokes to cheer everyone up. A friend who is selflessly willing to support you, whether it be a fight, emotional man talk, or footing the bill. A bud who you don't have to force conversation with and can just pop a squat down with and have a good time.

Great to have around for casual social scenarios: eating out, sitting off the side at a party, or hanging with the boys. Preferred attire would be casual, sparse in accessories, and trendy.
Junpei Iori is such a bro.
viết bởi ReallyDaddy-O 21 Tháng mười một, 2011
a male person who is usually blood related who has very close bonds to you . or a very close friend that is dear to your heart and a person you would do anything for .
#1 : were so good friends
#2 : yeah ino your like a bro to me
viết bởi know.it.all 10 Tháng tám, 2011
Men who play the game of lax. (lacrosse) and when they arent playing... their partying. Fun to be around and usually very nice and kind. Lax is their life. Usually seen wearing either cargo shorts or flow society shorts. no shirt or pinnie, crew cut black or white socks. Hat backwards or angled, sunglasses. Swag always on, never turned off, always lookin for a good party
Yo bro. wats up

Nothin much chillin

Lets lax

right on
viết bởi JagsBro 09 Tháng tám, 2011
chill, down to earth guys who tend to be within 16-24 years of age. They spend their days drinking natty's, grabbing ass, slamming girls, eating sandwiches and scoring on the lax field. Bros are the sexiest guys alive, they find their girls in bars or partys and once they know who they want they catch their prey. Bros are not hard to find, just look in your school, any kid not wearing a shirt has a good possibility to be a bro. Bros grab a ridiculous amount of ladies, pound down beer and party. What could be better then being a bro.
that kid is such a bro,he just pulled all 4 of those girls!
viết bởi Matty libre 16 Tháng năm, 2011