To cabbage someone.
Usually a term used when trying to freak out a person who is tripping (inebriated on a psychotomimetic substance.)
I cabbed <name> out!
Dude, stop trying to cabbage me!
viết bởi ^MisterJingo^ 18 Tháng mười hai, 2003

Cabbage is where you take a head of green cabbage and freeze it. Then after its frozen you stick it up the bitches ass and grab their boobs at the same time and it gives you an orgasm. And when this happens to you then people call you a cabbage.
Treys bitch is now a cabbage
viết bởi TreyDogz___97 23 Tháng năm, 2016
A desirable, nice or visually appealing butt.
"Damn bro, she got cabbage"
"Look behind you, cabbage"
via giphy
viết bởi Grocery_Bag 29 Tháng tư, 2016
Money. Cash. Bread. Samolians.
$150,000? That's a lotta cabbage!
#money #bread #cash #samolians #moolah!
viết bởi Ghoster2910 11 Tháng tám, 2015
Another meaning for shit used by many young Australian males to bag out mates and random people they don't know
That is so cabbage. Jeremy is a cabbage cunt . Tim is so fucking cabbage at fifa
#shit #rubbish #terrible #horrible #awful
viết bởi Cabdude 09 Tháng một, 2015
Cabbage is another meaning for shit. Used by many young Australians
Tim is so cabbage at fifa haha
#shit #horrible #awful #digusting #rubbish
viết bởi Cabdude 09 Tháng một, 2015
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