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slang in parts of europe for an extememly hot chik who loves a good shag and going on expensive yahts with many people to party all night long
guy: that girl is such a carley. she left her clothes on the yaht from last night, and i think shes wearing mine right now.
viết bởi lskdfjiew 10 Tháng tư, 2008
1. (n.) Lower class British slang for a prostitute. Carley's are typically willing to do anything if the price is right.
Did you see that carley bent over the bonnet of that saloon in her knickers?
I'd bag that carley and shag her rotten.
viết bởi slimjim1981 19 Tháng mười, 2007
A guy who pretends to be straight (but is really bi-sexual) in order to scam a woman out of money.
He was such a Carley and she didn't realize it.
viết bởi bagitbabe 03 Tháng năm, 2008
"did you see that hoe?" "yeaah! she was SUCH a carley"
viết bởi dsa,mfkalmsdf ljkdmlfvc lskm. 03 Tháng một, 2010