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Whenever a girl does something stupid to you without consciousness of consequences that warrants retaliation, you take her to a closet of sufficient size to accommodate the both of you. Prior to entering you inform a friend or acquaintance to gather a group of people in front of the closet door in the next few minutes. If all goes according to plan at this point the girl will be topless and giving you a blow job. As stealthily as possible, hide her garments somewhere out of her reach. What you are going to do is ejaculate on her face, put your dick away, and exit the closet to acknowledge the crowd gathered by your friend with "Ayyyyy" and possibly a thumbs up. The girl has just been closet glazed.
Guy: "Dude, I was at this party and before I could even get through the door some drunk girl with nice tits stops me, starts hitting on me and acting like she knows me. In her drunken stupor she slaps my phone out of my hand and the screen spider webs on the sidewalk. She was too stupid to realize that she had done anything wrong so I gave her a closet glaze. Hopefully next time she will take a moment to think before she drinks."

Dude: "Wait, wait, wait, you got a blow job?"
#loset glaze #closet gaze #closet glaxe #close glaze #closet haze
viết bởi Bronco Avenger 06 Tháng bảy, 2010
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