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The coolest person in the entire world. Also the center of the universe.
Darby! You are soooooo cool!
viết bởi Darby 19 Tháng mười, 2004
564 285
the coolest person you'll ever meet. is always beautiful. friendly, caring, and outgoing. loves to dance.
Darby is one hot mama!

Darby is super sweet.
viết bởi Bowchickawowow 16 Tháng sáu, 2008
404 231
A person of cave man like stature, known to beat women.
Person 1: "See that Darby over there?"
Person 2: "What?"
Person 1: "I bet he will punch your sister in the mouth."
Person 2: "Oh, that Darby."
viết bởi Victum of battered wifesyndrom 03 Tháng tám, 2010
333 209
an amazing girl who usually hangs out with stoners and other strange people, but lives a good life of her own. she is an amazing girlfriend to whoever she may be dating. she loves to snuggle, and is a perfect girl if your name is tyler.
i love darby. shes very nice.
viết bởi hahahahahahano 05 Tháng một, 2010
144 81
The coolest and funniest person you'll ever meet. Usually a hot blonde, but could be brunette as well. Very talented and sweet, and is very friendly. Almost no one hates them, and the perfect girlfriend. AN OVERALL PERFECT PERSON.
Person 1: Dude look at that slammin' chick

Person 2: Yeah, I know. She must be a Darby
viết bởi hahahahahahahahahahahahahahano 13 Tháng tư, 2011
80 34
one that cant be stopped
lan masta
Darby is so l33t.
viết bởi Griff 24 Tháng ba, 2003
148 104
A slag term meaning to hold almost un ungodly amount of power. To be a darby is to be someone who hold and uses a lot of power. Slang term originated in Northern California in the early 2000's.
You boss is suck a darby, he can tell anyone what he wants, and it will be done.
viết bởi Zac Cirivello 07 Tháng một, 2003
223 190