DFA stands for "Down for Anal"
dude 1: "dude i heard that girl is a prude"
dude 2: "Naw, actually she's DFA"
#dfa #anal #down #down for anal #prude
viết bởi denfushi 11 Tháng mười một, 2007
"Down For Anything" a qoute,
also a clothing line, and a promotion company...
"3 Star Productions" is a flim and photagraphy branch, founded by DFA
"If your D.F.A. you'll do it!"
"That's a tight D.F.A. shirt"
"Are you going to the D.F.A. pardy this weeken?"
#dfa #d.f.a. #down #anything #3star #3 star
viết bởi kazzO 18 Tháng chín, 2007
Literally means 'Dont fuck about'. Can be used at the end of nearly any sentence
2 pints, DFA.

Make me a sandwich DFA.
#dfa #dont fuck about #d.f.a #d.f.a. #dont fuck around
viết bởi fat bitch banger 20 Tháng ba, 2012
DFA stands for Down For Anything, a white version of the saying "if your down".
"My friends and I are so DFA that last week we all stole a cop car."
"You'd do it if your DFA"
#funny #lame #cool #slang #abbr
viết bởi Schnider0 03 Tháng hai, 2007
An initialism for "dick fuck all" meaning "nothing" or sometimes "anything" in a negative sense.
Nothing: He just sat around and did DFA all day.

Anything: He doesn't do DFA.
#dick #fuck #all #nothing #anything
viết bởi RobinHood70 12 Tháng một, 2011
"does fuck all"
When Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead soundchecks, the sound engineers always ask if the "DFA levels are OK." Motorhead shows are well known for being insanely loud and fast, and so the DFA term has been inside joke for Motorhead for many years.
engineer: "How are the DFA levels?"
Lemmy: "WHAT!??"
#motorhead #lemmy #sound engineer #sound check #inside joke
viết bởi Decavolt 06 Tháng mười, 2008
Dick Fuck/Fucking Ass
do you think its DFA?
#dick #penis #gay sex #anal #pee
viết bởi Dudechickabarf 03 Tháng tư, 2011
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