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lovable, funny n smiles!!!!
viết bởi Anonymous 02 Tháng mười, 2003
someone who is a slutski and is very slow on understanding some basic principles of life
you were such a dipika when you couldnt understand what bob was saying
viết bởi mastaGG 15 Tháng một, 2011
One who "believes its the worm"
One who is obsessed with green
One who owns a Gryffindor scarf
One who moves into a new house
One who chooses Harry Potter over LOTR
One who is exuberant
One who believes I am a 'pottole'
One who is president of the HP club that of which I am only a twig
Hey Peetah!
I believe thats the worm
Pottoles are friends, not food.
"Costa Atlantica dancers"
viết bởi anonimis 09 Tháng hai, 2004