1. the stick in your car used to measure how much oil you have.
2. a slang term for a person who is dumb
3. used as a substitute for "dipshit" whenever that particular word would be deemed inappropriate.
1. I looked at the car's dipstick, and it seems as though i need an oil change.
2. John is a total dipstick, he can't even tie his own shoes.
3. I got ripped off by that dipstick who fixed my stove.
viết bởi Russell 11 Tháng bảy, 2004
Top Definition

1. the penis

2. a stupid or obnoxious person
Shut up you sleazy dipstick.
#banana #birdturd #bm #chode #cock #dick #diphead #dipshit #dipwad #dong #dork #jerk #junk #knob #love muscle #organ #pecker #peter #prick #putz #rod #sausage #shit
viết bởi Light Joker 17 Tháng tư, 2007
Penis. See also to dip ones stick.
I saw his dipstick in the moonlight and my word did I get a fright. And that on a saturday night !
#dip #stick #noel reeve #fright #penis
viết bởi muffindamule 06 Tháng mười, 2006
one who's brain compacity is less than a long thin piece of metal used to check oil levels.
your such a dip stick
viết bởi josh 29 Tháng tư, 2003
1.) The stick in fun dip.
2.) The D.
3.) A stupid person.
Hey dipstick, give me that dipstick, and the other dipstick.
#one #two #three #dipstick #penis
viết bởi Shaey Kay 21 Tháng năm, 2014
shady, unattentive, unaware, clueless.

That dip-stick Joe forgot his wallet on the countertop table, again.
#dumb #idiot #stupid #forgetful #absent-minded
viết bởi Chioma 03 Tháng tám, 2006
The act by which a guy dips his penis in a jar of Nutella, Peanut butter, Jelly, or anything else edible only for it to be sucked off by a girl who gives him a blowjob.
Hey, can I have a dipstick? I have an extra jar of Nutella here.
viết bởi The Horse Lover 12 Tháng năm, 2016
1) A tool used to test urine to find diseases in the kidneys or other parts of the excretory system.

2) A derogatory term used to describe a person.
-The dipstick revealed an excess amount of protein in the man's urine.

-That guy's a freaking dipstick!
#dip #stick #urine #nasty #protein
viết bởi Egaro 16 Tháng hai, 2009
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