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1. The only massive geographical location in America to have appeared and then disappeared a decade later. It existed solely in the 1930's and not one person has ever wondered how it got there or how it left.
2. A bowl used to contain dust.
3. A TFC map where the blue team moves a flag towards a capture point, and the red team decides they'd rather have kills than wins so they switch to demomen and set detpacks, pipebombs, and MIRVs in their respawn.
4. A wrestling move Al Snow would do in a Hardcore match against Goldust.
1. My grandpa lived in the dustbowl
2. My cat knocked over the dustbowl
3. Dustbowl owns the ghey avanti
viết bởi Evil Zak 26 Tháng bảy, 2003
Turning off the water supply to the toilet when you visit someone's house, then flushing the toilet once. The next person to take a crap in the toilet doesn't have any water to flush it down with - and it just sits there.
"That party was getting lame, so I dustbowled that guy before I left. I just found out that some chick dropped a massive duce and had to get her boyfriend to come in and turn the water back on about 20 minutes later."
viết bởi Fattooth Electricteeth 01 Tháng mười hai, 2007
One of the biggest conspiracy theories since 9/11, was the dust bowl a so-called "natural disaster" or was it all an inside job? Many believe the dust bowl was in fact set up by president at the time Woodrow Wilson. Wilson had all of the power and resources to create a dust bowl so the theory makes logical sense. The small portion of people who have caught on to this theory have been missing in action since their attempt to spread the theory. I am one of a few people including my colleuges who support this theory. If you ever see someone in an oversized pant suit, it is either I or one of my colleuges and we would be happy to put you on our board. Dusty for president 2k15.
Sally: I don't know Sarah, the dust bowl seemed a bit too convenient at the time.
Sarah: *trips over pants suit* yes it all makes sense. I need to get these pants tailored!
Sally: then consider yourself off the board. Oversized pant suits only.

Sarah: idc
viết bởi YungCassper28 08 Tháng tư, 2015
A very dry vagina
Dude her vagina was as dry as a dust bowl it was horrible
viết bởi Therandomwolf 22 Tháng ba, 2015
Waking up and going at it with a girl after a long night of drinking, being so dehydrated when you bust it comes out as powder.
"man i was so close to creaming her face, but i forgot how much i drank, and it turned into a dustbowl"
viết bởi fattymicbutterpants 01 Tháng mười một, 2011
A pussy so dry that it's like the dust bowl.
I tried to fuck her but she had a dust bowl.
viết bởi Kitty Vagina 09 Tháng bảy, 2011
To fart in someone's mouth.
Some dude was passed out on my couch so I dustbowl'd him. He awoke with breath reminiscent of beef stew.
viết bởi LeRenardS13 17 Tháng ba, 2008
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