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A dorky or nerdy person.
That dude with the pocket protector is such a dweeb.
viết bởi x 22 Tháng một, 2003
1600 520
This is actually an acronym for the phrase "dick with eyebrows," you dummmies. You are calling someone a walking penis.
You are all dweebs because you did not know the origins of the word you thought you were defining.
See urbtards.
viết bởi John Heinz Kerry 10 Tháng mười một, 2004
1592 1253
An awkward, ineffectual person; specifically connotes physical inadequacy
Hey gang, let's go beat on the dweeb
viết bởi Brock Landers 22 Tháng tám, 2003
651 424
By looking between all of these definitions, we realise that the word 'dweeb' translates more or less to 'loser'
'You are such a dweeb'
viết bởi Psychedellimo Schmo 26 Tháng mười hai, 2008
433 246
An intellectual non-conformist.
That kid solving that Rubik's Cube is such a dweeb!
viết bởi josh6289 28 Tháng mười, 2010
183 133
Different then nerd, geek, or dork. A dweeb is someone who is intellectual and socially-inept, but also ineffectual and devoid of passion.
Max, fitting the role of the dweeb, spent all Friday night reading Hartshorne's "Algebraic Geometry" while the others in the dorm wing went downtown for an evening of fun.
viết bởi dmeongolemz 27 Tháng ba, 2012
100 69
A person regarded as physically and socially awkward and has little confidence, sometimes they're just plain foolish, often on account of being overly studious.
"That kid is such a dweeb."
viết bởi Razaphale 10 Tháng một, 2013
52 31