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An entrance that also functions as an exit. Vice-versa, an exit that functions as an entrance. While all doors have the potential to be entrexits, they are usually deemed as either "entrances" or "exists" as specified by some sort of sign. A supermarket does not have an entrexit, but your bathroom does (provided you have one door, and if you have multiple, it is acceptable that you exit through the same door that you enter).
MoHonda (f.): You fo' real dawg? I can't leave through that door? Check these stickers, I paid for all my shit, ya dig?

Register Clerk (m.): M'am, I'm sorry, but that door is for exiting only, it's not an entrexit!

MoHonda (f.): Jigga whatchu say?
viết bởi Marcus A.. 27 Tháng chín, 2007

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Quick entrance and exit, or vice versa.
Nice entrexit, d_f.
viết bởi Zygote 07 Tháng một, 2004