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The bitch who took away half of your property.
My ex-wife is an asshole.
viết bởi Mokonamon 08 Tháng năm, 2005
Noun: A life and money sucking parasitic cunt,with a mean streak.
Unless extremely desperate,try not to date or marry a man with an ex-wife.
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viết bởi pfc. Snowball 26 Tháng mười hai, 2008
The cunt who took all your property, your money and your kids and ran away to mommy and daddy's house so she could live off them for awhile while taking your child support and alimony and spending it on some fricken beer delivery guy that she met while you were working your fucking ass off.
What a cunt. No thats my ex-wife.
#bitch #cunt #wife #loser #clam
viết bởi T-Boner22 02 Tháng năm, 2006
Used to define a woman who is a cheating whore, who not only is a home wrecker, family destroying, pyscho-patholigical liar, but also her sole intent is destroying other families as well by providing free ass to the public by wearing a rol-a-dex with numbers around her waist at any public drinking hole.
Look at that slut over there, she has been with everybody twice tonight except for me. She looks like my ex wife.
#whore #bitch #cunt #homewrecker #liar #easy
viết bởi Don't need it, you already know her 08 Tháng bảy, 2006
A former wife. Did not take marriage vows seriously. Probably was emotionally detatched or cheating for months or years, all the while leaving their blissfully ignorant husbands thinking that everything is fine. Will usually do that for their monetary or social benifit. More than likely dropped the divorce bomb on their husband before he saw it comming, like a nuke in the night.

Will gain overwhelming sympathy from all mutual friends and her family, making the husband seem like the bad guy. Will get custody of the children 9 out 10 of the times, even if she can't afford to support them...but that's ok, because the "justice" system will make sure that you support her like your still married, but she'll be sucking off another guy in the place you payed for.

Won't let your kids stay with you for more than 48 hours if you live more than 2 blocks away from her. Will do her duty to leak your secrets to all her friends, family, and every guy she sleeps with.
I'm an ex wife. I'm justified in breaking your heart into a trillion peices because your not the man I married. Sure, I can gain weight, nag, cheat, and not have sex with you for months at a time, but damn it, your still suppose to be the same way you were on the day we got married...

...oh well, where my check at?
#heartbreak #bitch #exwife #whore #married
viết bởi Dirty Jacksons 27 Tháng ba, 2009
A woman who still cannot think for herself, nor do anything for herself, and is always looking for the next man while still trying to hold on to the first, second, or thid husband already lost.

Also like the archery target idea.
My ex wife.
viết bởi m 30 Tháng mười, 2003
Woman who treated her husband like shit for years, then divorced him and took all his money. Got EVERYthing she wanted, but still is totally bitter. When her ex-husband marries a REAL woman (one who is good to him and actually LIKES sex), she gets really nasty, especially if the new wife is hot and not a big fat cow like the ex-wife is. Ex-husband and his new wife laugh about her often.
My ex-wife never even gave me pussy, much less head - which is why I now feel like I've died and gone to heaven, as my wife gives me lots of both.
#bitch #fat cow #ugly #stupid #pathetic
viết bởi FuckingYourEx 22 Tháng năm, 2009
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