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two rival gangs fighting over a piece of land or turf.
the grove street gang and the baller gang are having a gang war over oakley park.
viết bởi Iwan John 10 Tháng chín, 2006
a street fight involving 2 gangs iu.e. moshers and niggas
the homies from the hood beat the shit outta those moshers from Leigh in the gang war
viết bởi Notoriuous BFG 26 Tháng hai, 2005
When two women of different races try to blow you at the same time. they are fighting over who gets your "turf"
Monique and Rosa had a gang war over me last night, it was amazing
viết bởi saxman930 23 Tháng tư, 2012
an excelent mod for the popular game half life.
im off to play gang wars!
viết bởi dogfacedboy 20 Tháng chín, 2003